Upon Seeing Petals on the Ground

Red petals on deck boards 9:16:13 (IMG_1493

Upon Seeing Petals on the Ground

Like drops of heart’s blood,
scarlet petals
lay scattered on the ground,
this morning,

fallen at random
into a new order

forming a path
of crimson light

that led to an edge
I could not cross.

Tonight, the wind knew which way to go,
and carried them along
to the elsewhere
that follows the blooming
ready and relieved
free of outcome,
full of welcome.

The red geraniums from which they’d fallen
are still in flower,

radiant by day and
even in the dark
they shine,
seem to know far more than I ever will.

I water these flowers
every morning,

smitten by their beauty,
their perseverence,
through the coming and going.

I’ll keep this garden alive,
with love,
until the wind comes to carry me

across that edge
where the petals lead,

into far off fields

I’ve only dreamed.

© 2013 Andrea Freeman

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