Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse in totality (grainy) 12-11-11(P1010997

Lunar Eclipse

They say it’s a dragon that eats the moon
when her sheen turns to blood red brass
and light is eclipsed by earth’s shadowy umbra.

I saw it as a tear in the sky dragon’s eye
that kindess not be the rule of day
and the hearth that warms long, cold nights.

The Great Dragon’s tears fell upon the moon,
where forsaken dreams can be rekindled,
washing the wounds brandished by swords
and sharp words
that clash in dissonance.

The deaf ears of self–righteousness
spilled upon the red-coal pyre
to be opened by its heat to hear again.

At what temperature do shadows freeze?
At what temperature do they melt?

To the roar of ocean waves
I sang for the return of the moon and her light.

Shining silver luminary
a liason between worlds

who binds the seen and unseen
with such benevolence

and for the sky dragon
to feel cause to laugh again.

Tonight, the moon rose shining,
lustrous, full-bodied.

I breathed in welcome relief ~

and could barely take my eyes
off of her beautiful
light-filled face.

© 2012 Andrea Freeman

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