Harvest Moon Rise

Full moon left of Redwood tree 5:23:13 (P1070354

Harvest Moon Rise

Breath of the moon ignites the air,
Scent ripe as a silver plum,

Rising over the ridge the coyotes howl
To announce that the Queen has come.

Like a radiant jewel she illumines the sky,
Bathing the hills below

And opens the portals for dreams to fly
And let their wild wings flow.

From mortal coil unbound, set free,
Soaring again into Mystery.

Are you a burdened traveler under gravity’s spell?
Walk then in her light and be made well!

As a silver salmon who long has roamed
Now smells the stream and knows she’s home.

Into the moon light’s stream now dive
Immerse yourself and emerge alive!

And your inner voice silenced so long
Will rise up and join the coyote’s song!

© 2011 Andrea Freeman

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