Glacier Crossing

Floating ring of ice closeup 12:11:13 (IMG_2068

Glacier Crossing

Sometimes, one must cross a glacier on foot
to fully appreciate the warmth of a fire.

Sometimes, the ice can be like a knife
that pierces all one holds dear

and the cold arctic waters will swallow
even your best intentions.

What then?

Admire the falling of snowflakes
as they float like feathers
from a great sky bird,

an eagle or a swan, perhaps,

whose wings span from horizon
to horizon,

not fooled by belief
or disbelief,

just flying onward
through the flurry

to reach a destination
that might be known
or unknown

but beckons one
to be
where one is meant to be,

Perch there,
on that edge,
within the whiteness,
a fire burning inside.

© 2013 Andrea Freeman

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