Something’s gone haywire from our original plan
of inventing devices to save time for Man,
for savoring the wonder of being alive,
rather than working just to survive.

Instead, now, our time’s spent bent on acquiring
another item or gadget we think we’re requiring.
Our economy’s based on mass consumption,
our minds conditioned by the false assumption,
that these things are needed to improve our lives.
We’ve been collectively hypnotized!

Our water ‘s polluted, many species are dying,
because of production of the things we are buying!
We’re busier now than ever before,
but have lost sight of the why and what for.
What was intended to allow us more leisure,
instead gives us ulcers and tumors and seizures!

The expansion of industry ‘s ransacking the land,
the very foundation on which we stand.
To slow down and savor would be so much more grand.

© 1997 Andrea Freeman

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