Andrea has a deep love of poetry and the beauty of language. She has been writing poetry since she was a young child. Much of her poetry is inspired by nature and her experiences in the natural world. She’s also a lover of the oral tradition and enjoys hearing and reciting poems and stories, by heart.
She taught classes in Creative Writing and Storytelling for children for many years. Here is a selection of a few of her poems some of which are included in her new book, What the River Knows. You can hear Andrea reciting some of her poetry live on Marin Poets Live!

Ripples on green water- CM Marsh 9:23:13 (P1070861

Selected Poems

Wind in the Desert
Glacier Crossing
Harvest Moon Rise
Murmuration of Starlings
The Cliffs at Agate Beach
Lunar Eclipse
Birth of a Harbor Seal
The Path

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