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Bee seeking nectar in center of Hibiscus flower _morning_glory_coil_closer_img_7045_copy bee_nectaring_on_passionflower_8-4-12img_7647 bee_seeking_nectar_in_center_of_hibiscus_flower_img_7735 cala_lily_wlight_and_shadow_-__leilas_3613_img_9923 cherry_blossom_closeup_2_22012img_5516 dogweed_adenophyllum_porophylloides_-torch-like_flower_w-_jeweled_sepals_closeup_img_2513 dudleya_farinosa_above_agate_beach_4912_img_5760 houndstoungue_flower_closeup italian_thistle_7-25-12_img_7494 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA lupine_flowers_closeup__-fairfax_enp_4-2-11 magnolia_flowers_in_bloom_22514_img_2409 morning_glory_full_flower_&_buds_w-sky_behind__7-11-12_ morning_glorys_many_wcluster_of_buds_&_coil_in_center_img_7034 navarretia_hamata_side_view_hooked_navarretia_hooked_pincushionplant_-_lake_lag_61112_img_6783 passionflower_closeup__w-three_bees_img_7671 persimmon_on_tree_112413_p1080356 plum_blossoms_in_bud_and_open_in_the_sun_22314_img_2379 plum_blossoms_very_closeup_22314_img_2375 pussy_ears_calochortus_tolmiei_angled_view-_abbots_lagoon_41913_img_0339 rattlesnake_grass__briza_maxima_amid_sedges_6-11-12_img_6769 red_hibiscus_-_pistil_and_stamen_closeup_2_82813_img_1407 red_leaves_on_trunk_of_liquid_ambar_9213_img_1439 soap_root_in_flower_-_steep_ravine_52813_img_0689 tarweed_madia_8-1-12_img_7570 turkey_tail_parmotrema_&_moss wild_douglas_iris_on_ocean_bluff_-_agate_beach_4912img_5742 yellow_mariposa_lily_calochortus_luteus_side_view_closeup_-_lake_lag_61112img_6778 branching phacelia (Phacelia ramosissima) IMG_2491 Cascade Canyon waterfall (closer) 3:15:14 (IMG_2521 Cascade Canyon waterfall 3:15:14 (IMG_2518 Houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale) (many) Cascade Canyon 3:15:14 (IMG_2512 Houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale)- Cascade Canyon 3:15:14 (IMG_2511 Houndstongue closeup (Cynoglossum officinale) – Cascade Canyon 3:15:14 (IMG_2501 Indian Warrior (Pedicularis densiflora) – Cascade Canyon 3:15:14 (IMG_2509 Indian Warrior (Pedicularis densiflora) – Cascade Canyon 3:15:14 (IMG_2513 Lacepod (Thysanocarpus laciniatus) (many) – Cascade Canyon 3:15:14 (P1090356 Magnolia flowers in bloom 2:25:14 (IMG_2409 Manazanita flowers 3:8:14 (IMG_2447 Mission Bells or Checker Lily (Fritillaria affinis) – Cascade Canyon 3:15:14 (IMG_2504 bird_of_paradise_closeup_trek_stop_belize_11-19-12_img_8483 california_poppies_31214_img_2474 california_poppies_closeupimg_2480 california_poppy_3914_img_2445 dandelion_head_of_seeds_121813_img_2176_2 doug_fir_cones_dangling_from_bough_111613_p1080315_2 male_catkin_flowers_on_coast_live_oak_qurecus_agrifolia_32114_p1090370 Bearded Iris and white flowers – Fairfax 4:18:14 (IMG_2899 Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium bellum) – Abbot’s Lagoon 4:9:14 (IMG_2749 Coastal Phacelia, Indian Paintbrush, Goldfields (Lasthenia gracilis) – Pt. Reyes Lighthouse 4:29:14 (IMG_2978 Cottonwood leaf with fenestration – Arroyo Seco 4:13:14 (IMG_2864 Crab spider in Iris – Abbott’s Lagoon 4:9:14 (IMG_2730 Fiesta Flower (Pholistoma auritum) – Arroyo Seco 4:13:14 (IMG_2855 Flannelbush flower – Fairfax 4:18:14 (IMG_2908 Hummingbird Sage (Salvia spathacea) in bloom @ Topanga State Park 4:27:11 (IMG_2961 Japanese Maple spire of red leaves 4:18:14 (IMG_2919 Lupine covered in water droplets – Abbot’s Lagoon 4:9: 14 (IMG_2689 Pussy Ears (Calochortus tolmei) – Abbot’s Lagoon 4:9:14 (IMG_2751 Seep spring mimulus closeup * 4-17-12 (IMG_5959 Seep-spring Mimulus – Lake lag 5-7-14 (IMG_3016 Seep-spring Mimulus – Lake lag 5:7:14 (IMG_3014 Seep-spring Mimulus – Lake lag 5:7:14 (IMG_3016 Shooting Stars – Pinnacles 4:12:14 (IMG_2816 Snowberry w:water droplets on leaves – Abbot’s Lagoon 4:9:14 (IMG_2726 Sori on underside of Polypody fern 5:7:14 (IMG_3029 Sycamore tree trunks intertwined – Arroyo Seco 4:13:14 (IMG_2877 Thimbleberry in bloom – Lagunitas Creek 6:14:14 (IMG_3057 Yellow begonia (closer) 5:17:14 (IMG_3074 Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella damascena) -Blue flower w-extraordinary seed pod (closeup) 5-31-14 (IMG_3252 Lovely Clarkia (Clarkia concinna) – Lagunitas 5:30:14 (P1100007 * Milkweed seeds dispersing from seed pod 10:10:14IMG_4162 * Milkweed seeds ready to disperse 10:17:14IMG_4177 Buckeye seed on bare branches over dy creek bed – Cascade Canyon 10:31:14IMG_4227 Coyote bush in flower – IMG_4210 Duckweed w: Alder leaf in water 10:15:14 (P1100241 Flavoparmelia caperata, Parmelia sulcata, and Parmotrema chinese lichens growing on a tree trunk. – Bon Tempe 10:23:14 (IMG_4207 Ithuriel’s Spear (Triteleia laxa) – Cascade Canyon 5:25:14 (IMG_3129 Magnolia flower (close) 6:26:14 (P1000287 Magnolia flower (w:bee, close) 6:26:14P1000276 Manazanita branches as sculpture – Arroyo Seco 7:14:14 (IMG_3504 Me at base * of Giant Sequoia 2 – King’s Canyon 7:19:14 (IMG_3656 Milkweed seeds dispersing 10:17:14 (IMG_4175 Toyon berries (wider view:Panasonic) – Bohemian Ecological Reserve, Occidental 12:14:14 (P1020018 Turkey tail mushroom on log, dead leaves below – Cascade Canyon 10:31:14 (IMG_4231 Usnea in long strands hanging from tree – Cascade Canyon 10:31:14 (P1010127