The Infinite Song

The Infinite Song

The book ‘The Infinite Song’ by author Andrea Freeman


The Infinite Song is a beautifully illustrated, allegorical creation tale, written in rhyming verse, that tells the story of our unfolding journey as a greater-than-human community and of the unique place of humans within that journey. The story reminds us to celebrate life as peaceful, loving stewards of the Earth and to honor our connectedness to one another, our beautiful planet, and the mystery from which all life emerged.
The gorgeous paintings that accompany the story-poem make this book a visual work of art that will appeal to all ages, children and adults, alike!




Best Book WINNER Small

The USA Best Book Awards

Gold Medal Award Winner:
Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit – 2012-2013



Mom’s Choice Awards

Silver Medal Award Winner:
New Age/Indigo Children’s Books – 2013



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Independent Publishers Book Awards
(IPPY Awards)

Bronze Medal Award Winner:
Inspirational/Spiritual Books – 2014



International Book Awards

1st place Winner:
Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit – 2014



Midwest Book Review

Children’s Bookwatch
Volume 24, Number 2 – February 2014
The Metaphysical Shelf

“The Infinite Song” is a mystical reshaping of creation myth, written in allegorical verse and illustrated with stunning paintings of universe origin scenes in rainbow hues. “The Infinite Song” explores a special awareness, even attraction, that seems to exist between human higher consciousness and the universe. Some might call it a longing for oneness with the Infinite. “The Infinite Song” is a beautiful experience that feels both very new and very old. It is destined to become a juvenile classic that also appeals to adults.”

Midwest Book Review

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“A brightly illustrated allegorical retelling of biblical creation, presented with a naturalist’s whimsy.”

“Gorgeous illustrations elevate this familiar attempt to reconcile science, religion and mysticism.”

Kirkus Reviews

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 ForeWord Clarion Review

In The Infinite Song, Andrea Freeman lets there be light shining down equally on religion, myth, and nature.

A creation story that is both secular and accepting, Andrea Freeman’s The Infinite Song uses lovely illustrations and poetry to send a loving reminder of humanity’s capacity for compassion in the context of our origins in nature.

Beginning with a divine goddess, who creates light and weaves the rest of creation from its rays, The Infinite Song parallels the creation story of Genesis while briefly mentioning evolution and diving into the sorrow of the human condition by discussing our deviation from our origins and our focus on materialism. The inclusion of unicorns, fairies, and elves is curious, but the charming illustration for the page discussing these creatures and the line, “a few souls we haven’t got names for yet,” makes it an imaginative and understandable addition in the context of Freeman’s theme of wonder at the unknown in the world; the book urges exploration of nature’s mysteries. Freeman’s handling of the human diversion from divine origins is deft and acts as a reminder—that can also be interpreted secularly as an allegory—that we find peace through internal means rather than external means.

Freeman’s illustrations are where the book shines. The colorful planets strung across the sky, the bounty of elegant animals, and the sweeping landscapes are especially eye-catching. Though some pages only hold a swirl of color and are consequently vague, the words on the opposing pages imbue meaning into the design.

At its best, the word choices in The Infinite Song adequately capture the beauty of nature and the pains of materialism that plague modern life: “he thinks that the fullness / he yearns for inside / can be found in possessing / ever more that’s outside.” For children, Freeman creates prose that is imaginative and deep without being too abstract or challenging. Adults, too, will enjoy the imagery and evocation of human nature that Freeman conveys.

The end of the book offers a feeling of spiritual peace… Her conclusion alone, perhaps, marks Freeman’s efforts as an overall success.

— Aimee Jodoin
ForeWord Clarion Review

San Francisco Book Review

“The origin of the universe is a great puzzle for all but those highly educated in either science or religion, and those two groups have widely differing conclusions about the question. This book is one woman’s attempt to bridge that gap with a long, allegorical poem accompanied with colorful art. The story she tells begins well before the story of the Earth, and in her first sentence frames it as a legend. The author takes the reader literally from the beginning of time to now, all the while championing the idea of respect and appreciation for the planet and all the flora and fauna that exist. The journey is one of wonder at the miracle of all this world holds being created from nothing. There is a spiritual component to this miracle, and the author’s vision of that spiritual guide may be a lovely surprise to many.”

“…the story is quite lovely and the real pièce de rèsistance is the beautiful illustrations that accompany every page of poetry. This will surely find a wide audience.”

San Francisco Book Review

Endorsement Quotes

’The Infinite Song’ is a perfect combination of images and words, just waiting for melodies to sing out from every beautiful page. The words flow with their own rhymed magic. Every other page has a painting that can stand alone as a work of art. The book, from cover to cover is a complete gem, a delight, a work of art!”
— Doug von Koss – Poet, Song Wizard and Founder of The Noah Project

“This is a beautifully illustrated, beautifully written little book telling the story of our journey as a greater-than-human community and of the unique place of humans within that journey.”
— Larry Robinson – Poet, Peace maker, former Mayor and City Council member of the city of Sebastopol, CA

“The story-poem is delightful and the paintings in this book will take you on a voyage you won’t want to miss! Beautiful!”
— Wes ‘Scoop’ Nisker – Bestselling Author, Radio Commentator, Performer, Teacher of Buddhist meditation

“This beautiful book by Andrea makes me glad to be alive. It helps me feel the power of Earth flowing through me.”
— Joanna Macy – Eco-philosopher, Teacher, Buddhist Scholar, Environmental Activist, Best-selling Author


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The Infinite Song can be purchased directly from the publisher: Halcyon Wind Press
It is also available through Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, and Amazon.

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