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Andrea Freeman, Celtic Harpist

Andrea Freeman – Celtic Harp

The enchanting sounds of the Celtic harp create a wonderful atmosphere for any special gathering.  With graceful skill on her instrument, Andrea Freeman has delighted listeners at such diverse festivities as corporate convention parties, benefit banquets, opening galas, fairs and festivals, weddings and receptions, and senior citizen centers.

Andrea’s harp, masterfully crafted of fine hardwoods, is striking in its beauty; its rich resonance and majestic form calling to mind its ancient lineage.
Andrea Freeman, Celtic Harpist
Andrea specializes in playing the traditional music of Ireland and the British Isles, especially the works of Turlough O’Carolan, Ireland’s foremost composer for the harp, who lived at the turn of the 18th century.

Andrea Freeman, Celtic Harpist
Andrea Freeman, Celtic HarpistAndrea Freeman, Celtic Harpist
Andrea Freeman, Celtic HarpistAndrea Freeman, Celtic Harpist


 Celtic Harp Music Recordings

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Listen to samples of Fair Wind

Fair Wind

Fair Wind

The rich, resonant tones of the Celtic harp and enchanting music of Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738) as well as other traditional music of the British Isles, in a delightful recording that transports the listener into another time.

Celtic Knot

A Following Sea

A bright and captivating collection of fourteen solo harp pieces, timeless in beauty, drawing from the rich musical legacy of Ireland and the British Isles.

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Listen to samples of A Following Sea

A Following Sea

Harp CD photos by Charles Ragland.

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Celtic Knot illustration courtesy of Creative Doodling with Judy West.

Andrea’s beautiful harp was built by Daniel Hecht of Montpelier, Vermont.

Fair Wind and A Following Sea
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Andrea Freeman: A Following Sea
Andrea Freeman: Fair Wind



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