Andrea Freeman is a a naturalist, poet, author, artist, teacher, harpist, and mystic. She is a dedicated peace activist and advocate for the rights of nature, the preservation of biodiversity, and the cultivation of compassion and expanded consciousness.Me laughing (right side cropped)
She teaches field-based classes in the natural sciences and nature awareness. For many years she worked as an animation artist and also taught enrichment classes for children in a wide-array of subjects. She’s also trained in the healing arts, is a gifted masseuse, and is knowledgeable about the medicinal properties of herbs.
Her two albums of Celtic harp music have been distributed internationally and she has played on the soundtrack for two documentary films. The DVD she produced, called H2Ode, which is a poetic and pictorial celebration of water and all the roles it plays on our beautiful blue planet, is being utilized in environmental education programs in the schools. Her poetry has been published in the United States and in Europe. Much of her poetry is inspired by nature and her experiences in the natural world. She especially enjoys sharing poems and stories, by heart, in the oral tradition.Me standing w-harp front view smiling (exposure reduced) (62770018
Her first book, The Infinite Song, which she wrote and illustrated was the winner of multiple literary awards. It’s an allegorical creation myth tale, written in rhyming verse, that reminds us to celebrate life as loving stewards of the Earth and to honor our connectedness to one another, our beautiful planet, and the mystery from which all life emerged. The gorgeous paintings that accompany the story-poem make this book a visual work of art that appeals to all ages.
Her second book, What the River Knows, has just been released. It’s a book of poetic reflections that pays tribute to the beauty and wisdom of Nature. The poems in this collection were inspired by her experiences in the natural world and the insights gleaned from these experiences.

She has a BA in the Humanities and a Master of Science degree in Natural History and Environmental Studies. She holds a black-belt in Aikido.
She playfully describes herself as an enigmatic Renaissance Woman, born of earth and stars, carried by the river that flows between the known and unknown, guided by a map of the sky trails left by the wings of birds and the spume of whales and the heart song of the cosmos that has no beginning and no end.
She lives in the wilds of Woodacre, CA where crickets and coyotes serenade the stars at night and she cheers them on.

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