About Halcyon Wind

Halcyon Wind is a virtual oasis where the creative endeavors of Andrea Freeman can be seen.

Halcyon Wind’s intention is the upliftment of consciousness and expanded awareness through the written and spoken word, the celebration of the wonders of nature, music, and other artistic modes of expression.

The publications of Halcyon Wind Press are presented here. Information about Andrea’s new book, ‘What the River Knows: Conversations with the Natural World’ and her award-winning first book, ‘The Infinite Song,’ can be found here. Read more.

Selections of Celtic harp music from her two CD recordings, Fair Wind and A Following Sea, can be enjoyed, as well.

Enjoy a gallery of nature’s beauty featuring Andrea’s photos of birds, butterflies, flowers and other nature wonders seen during her walk-abouts and the nature outings she leads through Awakening Wonder Edventures (AWE).

Selections of her nature-inspired writing, including poetry and essays, and some samples of her science writing  and  artwork can also be seen here. Her celebratory ode to water poem, titled H2Ode, which is featured on a DVD, is a welcome addition to environmental education and watershed study programs.

Andrea is deeply committed to the protection of the Earth’s ecosystems, the preservation of biodiversity, and promoting peace and harmonious relations in the world.  She believes this can be best achieved through education, grassroots activism, and providing creative opportunities for people to reconnect with their essential nature and deepen their love and appreciation for the natural world.

She encourages people “to bring their presence to the present and behold its presents.”

She is an advocate for the cultivation of the Three ‘C’s: Consciousness, Compassion, and Creativity, whereby people can embody the finer aspects of what it means to be human and hence usher in a more peaceful and joyful world.

The expression ‘Halcyon Days’ has come to mean peaceful, contented, prosperous, happy times. Halcyon Wind is a benevolent breeze that spreads these idyllic qualities across the land, uplifting the spirit and ushering in peace, plenty, and well-being for all. This is Andrea’s wish for the world and what she hopes to contribute to through the work that she does.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

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